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"Choosing the Right Parenting Program"

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Association of Marriage and Family Ministries


Nurturing Parenting

Nurturing God's Wayis a proven-effective program.

Nurturing God’s Way (NGW) is one of the nationally recognized, evidence-based Nurturing Parenting Programs®(NPP).  NGW is a series of 21 workshops that follow the NPP Parents and their School Age Children Curriculum, building on Stephen Bavolek’s five parenting constructs for the Adult Adolescent Parenting Inventory (AAPI). Learn more about the nurturing program that is designed just for you.


prayNurturing God’s Way was written foremost with you in mind. We wanted you, above any one else, to feel comfortable in recommending this Bible study to many of the members of your congregation.

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parentNurturing God’s Way has been written to help families learn to depend on God in their parenting journey. It was designed for many kinds of families, with various family circumstances, from different parenting backgrounds, and have children of all ages.

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GrandparentsYou may think that your job is over regarding parenting your adult children. Well, we want to encourage you that once a parent – always a parent.

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Social-Ministry-Minded Servants of God

socialworkThe Nurturing God’s Way Program is an optional resource to provide to Christian families who may, for one reason or another, have become involved with the court system or other government agency.

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Children’s Education and Family Ministers

childrenNurturing God’s Way can be used in a Sunday School or Bible Study format. Our main goal is to help families be the best Christian families they can be; therefore, we want families daily applying these lessons.

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Recognized NGW Program Facilitators

Welcome! We want to encourage you in your efforts to increase nurturing, God’s way, in your church and community.

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