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About Our Program

Nurturing God’s Way™ (NGW) is an evidence-based, proven effective parenting program. It includes 21 workshops that are based on research from the Bible as well as the Nurturing Parenting Program® curriculum. We found many of the Nurturing Parenting Program philosophy components to be grounded in scripture. NGW uses scripture to illustrate points; clarify reasons for behavior; instruct and exhort parents and children through their parenting journey; encourage for past, present and future actions performed well; and provide hope for tomorrow.

What the Bible Instructs Us to Do For Our Children

God expects great things from Christian parents. He has high standards, which are laid out clearly in the Bible. He has also equipped each parent with the tools to do the job. Nurturing God’s Way™ provides a navigation of those scriptures; additional illustrations for clarity; opportunities to practice those tools and develop skills; descriptions of the role of a Godly mother and a Godly father, as well as the role model we have in Jesus Christ; and, additional commentary and insight as to what the Bible asks us to do for our children. Even though the Bible is clear in so many instances, knowing where to find those scriptures can sometimes be daunting if one is not a Bible scholar.

What We Can Do to Create Healthy and Loving Children

In order for children to “honor your mother and father”, a level of trust must be earned based on the actions of the parents. A parent who has a positive trustworthy character more easily earns trust to develop healthy and cooperative children. This positive trustworthy character involves many of the Nurturing Parenting Program components of empathy, needs, feelings, choices and consequences, positive communication skills, etc. It also addresses character development, personality traits, moral development, the importance of prayer, forgiveness, the need for a relationship with Jesus Christ and guidance from the Holy Spirit, the concept of self-worth because we were created by God and are chosen of God, and our power to choose.

What We Need to Know To Protect Our Children and
Others in Our Community

Because our churches have programs for children and for families in general, this program may be useful in providing information to individual families as well as a tool to provide support for the church as they reach out to people in their community. We can love our children also by demonstrating our protection and teaching others to do the same. Wouldn’t it be a shame if God’s community failed to show that love and protection in services and programs it provides? Child abuse comes in many forms and the state laws regarding the harm and protection of children bind all churches and individuals.

Program Authors

SueSue Laney is a National Trainer / Consultant for the Nurturing Parenting Programs®. Mrs. Laney is the Executive Director for HEARTS for Families and primary author of several curricula including Nurturing God’s Way Parenting Program for Christian Families®. She currently oversees the Nurturing Georgia’s Families® Project in Georgia, now in its eleventh year of operation. This project provides training and consulting of Nurturing Parenting Programs and other child abuse prevention efforts. Mrs. Laney has over two decades of management experience for direct service providers and volunteers working in the child abuse and substance abuse prevention fields. She provides training in child abuse prevention, facilitation skills, and small business management.

Mrs. Laney is also a Precept Bible Study leader. She has led small groups of women to be drawn closer to God through the inductive study of scriptures for over 10 years.

“An effective Bible study can positively change a person’s life,” says Mrs. Laney. “I know it has mine. Being actively involved in this style of Bible study for almost 20 years has given me the tools to be able to follow God’s plan for my life while supporting others in their Christian walk.”

When given the opportunity to write this curriculum, Mrs. Laney felt honored and yet wanted God to be glorified in every word. She worked hard to insure the curriculum strictly adhered to the Biblical scriptures and truths. It was her desire to be found faithful in the task that God had presented to her. Mrs. Laney lives in the Atlanta, Georgia area with her husband, and has two grown children.

Nancy McClure has been a National Trainer/Consultant for the Nurturing Parenting Programs and a member of the International Association of Infant Massage. She contributed many activities and creative ideas during the creating of Nurturing God’s Way™. She has a true love for children of all ages. Many neighborhood children race to her from school everyday to tell her about their day. Family, friends and neighbors ask her often for parenting advice. Mrs. McClure teaches three and four-year olds in Sunday school, three-year olds in a church pre-school program, and has an after school and summer program in her home. She is a certified police officer, married, has five children and eleven grandchildren. She and her husband live in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

Stephen Bavolek - Nurturing Programs AuthorStephen J. Bavolek, Ph.D. is recognized for his work in promoting nurturing parenting attitudes and skills for the prevention and treatment of child abuse. During the last 30 years he has authored and validated family-based parenting programs, assessment inventories, school curricula, games, videos, instructional aides and training materials all designed to enhance the lives of individuals and families through nurturing. He has conducted over 1500 workshops, has appeared on more than 70 radio and television talk show programs and has published numerous books, articles, programs and newsletters. Dr. Bavolek is President of Family Development Resources, Inc. and Executive Director of Family Nurturing Center, International.

HEARTS for Families is providing coordination of scheduling all facilitator training as well as technical assistance for program implementation. Their email address is and their phone number is 770-972-3664.