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What We Believe

In one God who co-exists in three persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – and that He is the creator of all things.

In the Holy Bible, both Old and New Testaments, and that it is the divine, inspired, inerrant Word of God and that it is the final authority on all matters that it addresses.

All human life, both male and female, is created in God’s image, with the ability to make choices. The first male and female were created perfect, but they chose to sin, which brought guilt, suffering and death to themselves and to all human beings thereafter.

Because of Jesus Christ’s death on the cross, His resurrection, and His return to Heaven, He has provided the only way of forgiveness and salvation for those who choose to believe in Him. The Holy Spirit comes to those who believe. They are members of His church and will spend eternity with Him.

Believers in Jesus Christ have been given the indwelling of the Holy Spirit who guides, comforts, convicts and gives believers the ability to live their lives in obedience to Jesus Christ, their personal Lord and Savior.

God is the ultimate parenting expert. We are to parent the way God parents us; use Christ as our role model for behavior and the Holy Spirit for wisdom and guidance in our parenting decisions.

Children are a gift bestowed by God to parents. All Christians have a part in rearing children with the ultimate responsibility being fulfilled by a child's parent(s). Families come in various shapes and sizes but the goal is the same: to honor God in every thought, word and deed.

Nurturing God's Way™ is designed to give families necessary Biblical concepts and informational principles to rear their children in accordance with God's instructions in the Holy Scriptures. The program's goal is to assist parents toward personal wholeness as they lead their families toward spiritual maturity.