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Children’s Education and Family Ministers

Nurturing God’s Way™ was written for pastors and other ministers to have a unique and practical resource that they could offer to families in the church and in the community. There are over 15,000 parenting curriculums on the market today. Most have a video tape / DVD that you plug in and participants follow along in their workbooks. These cognitive or brain-tapping related programs can be effective for some people. However, research shows that most individuals learn more effectively when both cognitive (thinking) and affective (feeling) styles of learning are presented.

In addition to providing you with a resource that you could feel comfortable in recommending to many of the members of your congregation, knowing that this program is based fully on Scripture, we’ve created an experiential Bible study that is FUN. As part of the curriculum, we have joined practical applications through activities and discussions for each of the Biblical lessons presented. Over the past several years, we have had reports from various churches and other faith-based organizations of up to 95% improvement rates on participants’ post-test scores indicating an increase in their knowledge and skills in their efforts to honor God throughout their parenting journey.

Please take time to review this website. This program can be used as an in-reach ministry and an outreach ministry. Adaptations are allowed to further increase the opportunities to use this material. Some of those adaptations are in the form of workshops, retreats, Sunday school lessons, and some pastors have even used several activities from the material in sermon illustrations. The target audience can be for

  • teen parents,
  • parents of young children,
  • parents of teenagers,
  • parents of adult children,
  • grandparents parenting their grandchildren,
  • parents-to-be,
  • child care providers / mothers-morning-out teachers, and
  • staff development for church members who work with children as they serve in the church and/or in the community.

Our main goal is to help families be the best Christian families they can be; therefore, we want families daily applying these lessons.

If you are interested in receiving materials for review, please consider purchasing the Review CD on the products page, under manuals; or contact our office Toll Free 1-888-649-7376. We would be glad to send you the Review CD which has a non-printable copy of the Parenting Handbook, the Activity Manual (which the program facilitator would use), and the Implementation Manual for unlimited review. The charge for the CD is $5, plus shipping and handling.

Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to hearing from you soon.