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Learn how to increase stability in families and develop encouragement for all parenting journeys.

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Welcome! You are about to embark on a spiritual journey through scriptures that explain how God wants us to raise our children.

It is vital to follow God’s will, because we leave a legacy of being a Christian through our children. With that legacy comes protection and blessings. Exodus 34:7 says that God’s judgment of our sin and rebellion will be passed down to the third and fourth generations. I pray this does not happen within your family and the families of those close to your heart. This program provides families with information and practical skills to assist them in following the will of God, where we find strength and peace in the midst of everyday life and escape judgment for generations to come.

Nurturing God’s Way helps families learn to depend on God in their parenting journey. It was designed for many kinds of families that have different parenting backgrounds and children of all ages. Participants receive practical skills and information about proven techniques, as well as illustrations for how to apply them.

I believe, through my personal experience, that an effective Bible study can positively change a person’s life. I pray that, through Nurturing God’s Way, parents will strengthen their relationships with God and learn how to model Christian principles with an effective and loving family lifestyle.

I am so excited that you are interested in this program and we hope you find it to be both enjoyable and insightful.