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Learn how to increase stability in families and develop encouragement for all parenting journeys.

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Nurturing God’s Way™ was written foremost with you in mind. We want you, above any one else, to feel comfortable in recommending this Bible study to many of the members of your congregation. This program is based fully on Scripture, and it has been our experience that most, if not all of the participants will increase their knowledge and skills in their efforts to honor God throughout their parenting journey. Our children are a target for the enemy, and we are focused on taking a stand against him.

Please take time to review this website. This program can be used as an in-reach ministry and an outreach ministry. Adaptations are allowed in the form of workshops, retreats, Sunday school lessons, and some pastors have even used several activities from the material in sermon illustrations.

Target audiences include:

  • teen parents
  • parents of young children, teenagers and adults
  • grandparents parenting their grandchildren
  • parents-to-be
  • child care providers / mothers-morning-out teachers
  • staff development for church members that work with children

If you are interested in reviewing the materials , please either purchase the Review CD on the products page, or contact our office toll-free 1-888-649-7376. The Review CD includes a copy of the Parenting Handbook, the Activity Manual (which the program facilitator would use), and the Implementation Manual for unlimited review. The CD is free, plus a $5 shipping and handling fee.