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Social Ministers

The Nurturing God’s Way™ Program is an optional resource to provide to Christian families who may, for one reason or another, have become involved with the court system or other government agency. The various temptations and lures our society has today for any family member, whether a brief encounter or a tradition of dysfunction, can cause much heartache and hardship.

We know from Exodus 6:9 that discouragement and bondage can cause us to fail to listen to God. Various types of bondage that can deceive us might include:

  • Fear
  • Control
  • Lack of wisdom
  • Judgment

If we do not have a relevant faith in God which can sustain and help us overcome these times, our bondage will affect all of our relationships. Nurturing God’s Way™ can help to build coping skills and self-worth in order for problem solving skills to be increased. In addition, alternative forms of punishment are discussed so that one-tool parenting becomes obsolete.

Churches and other faith-based organizations may use this program to help meet the needs of these families. They may view these opportunities as outreach ministries and a way to meet the needs of others as Jesus did.

Both program facilitators and the organization who may be hosting the program will need to be sensitive to the fact that these mandated families are probably grieving the loss of their power and freedom. They may be angry and frustrated. But God has the power to set them free from bondage and open up their hearts and minds to hear His Word.

There are just a few social issues that this program is not designed to address - sexual abuse perpetrators and individuals having substance abuse addictions who are not in treatment.

If you are interested in receiving materials for review, please either purchase the Review CD on the products page, under manuals; or contact our office Toll Free 1-888-649-7376. We would be glad to send you the Review CD which has a non-printable copy of the Parenting Handbook, the Activity Manual (which the program facilitator would use), and the Implementation Manual for unlimited review. The charge for the CD is $5, plus shipping and handling.

Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to hearing from you soon.