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Program Testimonials

Light Bulb Moments

Light Bulb moments occur when an individual comes to a realization during the program.

Light Bulb Moments

"'Submission' is not a bad word!"

"Women yearn for Love, Men yearn for Respect"

"Eye opener to realize children definitely have all the same feelings we do and we trust in God, so they must learn to trust in us, thus having fulfilling lives."

"God is so good!"

"Opened up idea of kids having feelings and to how to deal with them."

Hopes and Fears

At the beginning of each program, time is spent discussing the different hopes and fears the participants have.


"To learn more effective parenting skills."

"To be a better parent"

"To learn new things"

"To raise Godly sons"

"To learn some basics before I have children"

"That some of the concepts reinforce what I am curently doing as a parent"


"To be like my father instead of a Godly father"

"That I am not a good parent"

"That I don't know anything"

"That I am not doing things right"