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Training Testimonials

"To be honest, going through the training I wasn't sure if I was cut out for it. The last day of training your words of encouragement meant so much to me. I want to equip people and watch their lives be transformed because of God and His love. Thank you for giving me a tool that reflects God's heart. Together we will see generations, regions and lineages changed."

Autumn Ridley - Dalton, GA

"Since you trained me a few years ago, I have taught the Nurturing God's Way™ Parenting Class at a few churches in our convention around the state. I never got to teach the class at my home church but I gladly accept that as God's will. Recently I received a seed grant and I will begin a class in Atlanta on November 17th at the Chapel of Christian Love Baptist Church. I thank you for the training you gave me and the encouragement to trust God. Whenever I teach a parenting class or reflect on those who have helped me along the way, I think of you and utter a prayer. Please keep me in your prayers."

Rev. Evaleen Litman Sargent - Atlanta, GA

"Nurturing God's Way"™ is a wonderful parenting program that equips you, encourages you, and most importantly reminds you of what a huge and honorable responsibility it is to be a godly parent. At Mercy Ministries we want to provide the very best for each young woman who enters our program with an unplanned pregnancy and decides to parent her child. "Nurturing God's Way"™ has been a helpful and effective tool in empowering our expectant mothers' to be all that God has called them to be!"

Renee Dahlseng - Mercy Ministries - Nashville, TN

“I want to thank you for the wonderful opportunity provided to me last week through my participation in the Nurturing God’s Way Facilitator Training. It was not only a time of new knowledge, but one of much self awareness and spiritual awakening, as well. I feel better prepared to parent the precious children entrusted to me. What a comfort it is to realize that it is never too late to learn to be a better parent! Your training reinforced my belief that God’s Word provides the ultimate guide to parenting; that in Jesus, we have the perfect role model; and through Him, we have the Holy Spirit to lead, guide and direct us. I look forward to the opportunity of imparting these principles to others!

I am forever grateful for having had this experience. I pray that God will continue to bless the work of HEARTS for Families. You are providing a much needed service to the families of Georgia and I am proud to be affiliated with your organization and training.”

-Elizabeth M. Mitchum, System of Care Administrator

"The training normally consists of four consecutive days of reasonably intensive classroom activities. These includes small, short lectures; much opportunity for discussion; social lab including role playing and acting; audio-visual presentations; examples of multiple-sensory teaching/learning experiences where taste, touch and smell senses are used; and all done in a positive, non-judgmental approach. What I found interesting was how initial apprehensiveness soon gave way to social acceptance and even eagerness to keep moving.
The Nurturing God’s Way Training Program is one of the best of any kind that I have taken. Even if I had not done anything more than take the training, it made a difference in how I think and act. Sharing the parenting materials in a classroom setting is very rewarding. At the end of the second night of class, a participant who had been [in the prison] over 18 years came up to me and said, “I can tell you people love one another!” I thanked him but I was visibly moved that our Christian behavior prompted his comment.
Nurturing God’s Way is Christian material at its best. It is modeled after a general parenting program which has been scientifically (statistically) proven to change human behavior in a positive manner. It is also more than just a “parenting class.” It is a program in positive, sound human relationships based on the Word of God—Jesus Christ."

Gordon Shippy

Light Bulb Moments

Light Bulb moments occur when a training participant comes to a new realization. They are encouraged to write down these "Aha Moments:"

bulb“Forgiveness comes from the heart and not just out of the mouth.”

“We are chosen by God for His glory.”

“We could not accomplish any task - that is why Jesus went to the cross!”

“I have learned so much this week! It has really helped me, even at home, with situations. I’m going to be a better person at my job in the children’s village.”

“We really need to give our problem to the Lord without suppressing the problem.

Hopes and Fears

At the beginning of each training, time is spent discussing hopes and fears that the participants have.


"To leave feeling fairly competent to facilitate and that I could carry this program to others."

"To bring this to others who want to follow God."

"That I will receive interest from the community."

"Learn from the program for myself."

"To achieve a greater understanding of how God parents us and then pass it along to others."

"To enhance facilitation/parenting skills."


"Will it reach across denominational lines/outreach to community?"

"That there would not be enough interest from parents to make the time and have the commitment to attending the program."

"That I won’t know enough of the material to feel comfortable facilitating."

"That parents may not respond to a facilitator who is not a parent, a young person, or someone who just became a parent and doesn’t have a lot of experience."